Greenwood Golf Ventures


At the core we are an investment company. Our top focus is to acquire both private, public, and entertainment style golf courses and resorts within new and emerging markets. We also focus on providing funding for deals outside of the golf industry in order to help fortify the growth for our potential and existing markets. Lastly, we curate sporting events infused with high quality entertainment for the purpose of increasing the engagement within our target markets.


We leverage sports to educate, empower, and entertain our community


Our mission is to expand the footprint of golf by engaging in untapped markets and demographics. Through our efforts, we want to leverage our assets in order to ignite economic development.


To be the driving force for the new era of golf. This not only encompasses a greater minority presence, but it also includes an increase in minority ownership in the game of golf.


Our strategy is to be a part of the deal. We do this by investing in, funding, and/or acquire businesses not just within the golf industry, but also in complementary industries. Some of our top

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