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  • Q: How are you able to provide such low rates? A: We have a network of (private) lending relationships, both domestic and international seeking safe, stable, secure investments to lend on.
  • Q: Do you only fund golf projects? A: No. We can leverage our relationships to provide funding for deals beyond golf, like real estate, construction, start-ups, hedge funds, retail and various others without using traditional banking methods.
  • Q: What are your pre-qualifications? A: A borrower must have some (a percentage) of the liquidity of the desired loan amount, to be considered for one of our programs. The percentages varies based on the merits of the project and the projects’ sponsor.
  • Q: Why did my due diligence come up light? A: Due to the private nature and high-level (celebrity) of some of our lenders, there isn’t much public information detailing who the lending party is.
  • Q: Do I need good credit to quality? A: No. Because we typically rely on “asset-based” lending, we do not use traditional metrics to determine whether a borrower is qualified.
  • Q: Do you structure the deals for debt, or equity? A: We can come in as the equity partner, but most often it’s a debt structure in the form of a Line of Credit (LOC).
  • Q: How soon can I receive my funds? How soon do I receive disbursements of the funds? A: Each deal is different, as they each have unique timelines. However, most projects can begin receiving funds within 45-90 days after the agreement is signed. After that, it’s subject to the tranche schedule agreed to by the lender and borrower. Hypothetical Example: Deal is looking to raise $50M total. A $5M qualifying deposit is sent to the escrow account. The deal closes in 90 days. At that time, the $5M qualifying deposit is returned to the borrower on the agreed upon closing day. Subsequently, the first scheduled tranche is released to the borrower. All other disbursements are received based upon the mutually agreed upon tranche payments over the course of the next 10+ months.
  • Q: Is there a prepayment penalty? A: All terms of the LOC vary from each private lender. We work to secure you the best terms available for your project to ensure you receive the funding you need.
  • Q: Why would a golf entity be in the business of funding deals outside of the golf industry? A: Golf is known as the hub for where major business deals are brokered. We want to position ourselves to capitalize on being a part of these deals. Further, earnings made from the deals go towards our fund, which is utilized to purchase assets geared towards the mission of our company.
  • Q: What size deals can you handle? A: We operate on a wide spectrum, depending on the deal. To date, we’ve work on deals from a few million to deals needing billions of dollars in funding.
  • Q: Can I join your investment fund? A: Our investment fund is currently not accepting any new investors. Investment opportunities with our fund is available on an invite only basis. You can join our prospect waiting list, but this doesn’t guarante a spot within our investment group.