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Funding Strategies

We provide Lines Of Credit for projects ranging from Golf Course Redevelopment, Real Estate Development, Hedge Fund, Construction, Startups, and various others, without having to go through a bank.  

  • No need for a bank or dealing with the challenges of a construction loan. 
  • Payback investors and keep the equity.
  • Low-interest rates
  • In most cases, we can fund the entire project or projects.

The amounts vary depending on the project as well as the liquidity of the borrower.  

Examples of funded projects:

  • $250M RE Dev Project 
  • $17.3M need turned into $50M funded versus a construction loan with a high rate
  • A client with a $30M raise that needed $10M more on an $80M project received a LOC of $100M.
  • In most cases, we can 10x the amount of liquidity a client has.